Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Marshmallow challenge Experience

     Me, Meshari and Sara from Columbia"Visitor" were in a group to build a structure of spagittie columns and a tape as a strengthin gadget to carry out the marshmallow with the tallest hight that will maintain the marshmallow holding it stable and balanced.
     We were in the mood of an exciting challenge, full of excitement and motivation to push us forward to to our job as fast as possible. Me, the Architect, was carrying all the burden on my shoulders cause I was the only one responsible for the structure, it was my field after all.

     I was surprised by folowing the methods af the architecture didn't goes well, maybe because I lacked the time, or my structural background starts to fade away, that gave me more and more lust for learning about the structure methods more and became aware of that, thats why i am going to change the master study major to a construction management so i can combine the wonderful three majors, which is architecture, construction and managment to rise upon the business world, so it would be beneficial for me and for my career.

     Eventually, we werent the winners but the Idea was something really interesting, by building a strong foundation like when we are building a house or a structure, the most important is to built a strong base , a rigid foundation to carry out the spagittie columns, and after that I was in a tragedy of how to strengthin the columns cuase it appears to be so weak to carry the marshmallow, but it was a great idea and i neede more material to accomplish that.


  1. Dear Dawn of Sorrow, I am so glad that you enjoyed this Marshmallow Challenge. I was so impressed by the way you worked with concentration.

    In this blog entry, you explain yourself very well. Love the image of your architectural structure!

    I have a question: would you like to do this challenge again? What would you do differently?

  2. Thank you Ruth Truth for what are you thinking about me, I really appreciate it.
    About your question, I am sure that I would do this challenge again, but first I will prepare myself very well before that, I am going to use my full experience in that, initiating a concept for how i will build the structure, draw some dimentions , fast calculations, and move on to build the tallest structure ever ! I am so excited to do that again ,, :D